Our promise statement to service users

When you are using any of our services we will:

  1. Respect your confidentiality to protect your interests (although there are some limits to this where the safety of children, yourself, staff, and other people is at risk, or if you steal or cause damage, or if you commit criminal acts on the premises.
  2. If a woman wants to use the cervices of Asha Community, then she has to agree to the following:.
  3. Work with you wherever possible.
  4. Work with you to make an informed assessment of your needs.
  5. Do our best to let you know what options are available to you.
  6. Agree a plan of action with you.
  7. Check out with you regularly that your needs are being met.
  8. Treat you with courtesy, dignity, and respect.
  9. Not discriminate against you because of your gender, sexuality, race or ethnic origin, disability, age, class, HIV status, or because you have been in trouble with the law.
  10. Ensure that we have trained staff to help you.
  11. Investigate your complaints if you feel things have gone wrong and, where possible, put things right.
  12. Welcome your suggestions for improving our services.

Our expectations of you are:

  1. That you do your best to keep to appointments, group sessions and training programmes.
  2. That you are not aggressive, violent or abusive to staff or other users of the service.
  3. That you do not steal or damage anything in the building.
  4. That you do not commit criminal offences on our premises.