The Community Action Center for Women Empowerment has a variety of income streams ranging from commissioned services, donations and grants and local fundraising groups. Such support and commissioning of our services is vital to enable us to continue to offer women in Worcestershire the help needed.

We also receive support from our volunteers and mentors who are part of the Fundraising Action Group, working to support Asha develop new services but also to sustain existing services. The Fundraising Action Group exists to coordinate activities that help to sustain and promote our service through fundraising events.

How does Asha fund it's community center?
  • Commissioned Services
  • Libraries & Learning (Worcester County Council)
  • The Tudor Trust
  • Warks & West Mercia CRC
  • Worcester Community Foundation (Esf funding)
  • Lloyds Bank Foundation

Other Funding streams:

  • Baron Davenports Charity
  • Bewley Charitable Trust
  • Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund
  • Church of St Martin with St Peter
  • Coutts Charitable Trust
  • Eric W Vincent Trust Fund
  • Foresters Fund for Children
  • Harford Charitable Trust
  • JA Gillett Charitable trust
  • RD Turner Charitable Trust
  • Reuben Foundation
  • Rowlands Trust
  • Saintbury Trust
  • Shewringe’s & Gouldings Charities
  • Stanley Smith
  • Souter Trust
  • Toy Trust
  • WE Dunn Charitable Trust
  • Woodward Charitable Trust
  • Worcester City Council