Our work within Criminal Justice

Womens Breakout Services

Asha is a member of Womens Breakout Services and contributes regularly to forums, meetings and provides data to inform various organizations nationally about the work of places like Asha.

Women's breakout was formed by the Ministry of Justice.

Women’s Breakout (formerly Women’s Centre Forum) was established in 2008 by the Ministry of Justice as an informal network to build the capacity of women’s centres in England and Wales which had been funded by the Diverting Women from Crime programme.

The aim and function of the Women’s Centre Forum was to develop a shared identity for third sector community-based organisations working with women who were in contact, or at risk of coming into contact with, the Criminal Justice System.

During this time it has grown from supporting around eight projects to a national network of more than 50 independent Women’s Community Services (WCSs) run largely by small or medium local or regional charities.

Women’s Community Services

WCSs work with women who are at risk of offending or who have offended in the past, to equip them with the skills needed to divert them from crime and prison. This can include services offering training and volunteer work opportunities, health care, drugs and alcohol treatment services, parenting skills and help with accessing welfare services. This ‘one-stop-shop’ approach is particularly successful when supporting women with complex needs.

WCS are working with women in risk to empower them to make good life choices.

The need to tackle the underlying issues that lead to crime and reoffending is at the heart of WCSs work through the ‘wrap-around’ women centred support they provide.

WCS promotes women-centred solutions, working holistically to empower women to take control of their lives and make good life choices based on improved opportunity. We work to address the causes and risk factors associated with offending behaviour.

  • 1-1 support work
  • Court work
  • Prison in-reach work
  • Partnership work with West Mercia Probation Service