About Asha Women - The Community Action Center

The Community Action Center for Women Empowerment is a community project offering women in Worcestershire a gender specific service in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Here vulnerable women in Worcestershire can access a wide range of community resources that will improve both social and economic proficiency and participation, as well as raise levels of emotional competence. We aim to enable and empower women to tackle problems that may contribute to isolation and social exclusion.

Asha Women is a center for developing women's resources.

Asha helps women to address their problems and achieve their potential by offering a starting point from which to achieve personal development and improved economic stability. The ethos of the Centre is normalisation, and enabling women to take control of their lives is an objective for all.

The most common problems are isolation, lack of confidence, depression, phobias, domestic violence and abuse, housing issues, lone parenthood, substance misuse, lack of family support, financial problems and reliance on benefits. The Asha Centre helps women to address these issues through services provided on-site as well as helping them engage with other agencies for assistance.

We offer a range of resources and support interventions which encompass advice, support and educational and employment opportunities that engage women and support them to rebuild their lives. Some classes that are include in the programs are:

  • personal growth - confident building, body image course, alcohol and me, and more.
  • leisure courses - therapies, yoga, value and pamper yourself, jewellery making, and more. As for the jewelry making, the class can take some inspiration from The Eternity Rose, where the jewelleries are made from real roses.
  • accredited courses - british sign language, mentoring programme, exploring women's lives, and more.


“I volunteer at Asha and outside. For all their support they’ve given me over the years and the friends I’ve made has given me a lot more confidence.“

— A. Petterson

“Without the Community Action Center for Women Empowerment I would be in prison. I wouldn’t be gaining any new qualifications, friends or self worth.“

— M. Mendez

“I attended Asha as a court order for community service and enjoyed the place and people so I decided to stay on as a volunteer.“

— E. Rhyne

“When I was going through a very isolated period, Asha gave me the confidence to keep going, set goals and think about my future.“

— M. Hurst

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Personal Growth & Development

  • Confidence Building
  • Barbie meets Gok (body image course)
  • Alcohol ‘n Me
  • Your Money, What Matters

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Leisure Courses

  • Jewellery Making
  • Value and Pamper Yourself
  • Relaxation and Complementary Therapies
  • Yoga

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Accredited Courses

  • British Sign Language
  • Mentoring Programme
  • Intermediate/Advanced Computers Art 2-D2
  • Exploring Women’s Lives

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