Courses & Groups

Asha offers a variety of courses and learning opportunities to help women learn new skills and develop as an individual. Some courses are accredited, some are aimed at developing personal skills and understanding about different issues and others are based on creative arts and crafts and interests.

Asha offers a large variaty of courses depending of the needs of every women.

All, however, form part of a bespoke selection of courses and groups the aim of which is to address the needs of women attending the Community Action Center for Women Empowerment. They restore confidence and self esteem through learning and socialisation with other women.

Women at Asha find the non-threatening, encouraging and easy-going approach of the tutors, fellow learners and staff welcoming and encouraging. It is a learning and safe environment which enables women who find it hard to access mainstream services easy and enjoyable to attend without prejudice or being judged.

The acceptance and support of other service users makes it easy to join new groups and the acceptance of other women at the centre has a positive impact, allowing their confidence to grow and increasing their ability to try other new opportunities.

Baking class at Asha making bread.

Women are able to access a variety of training programmes, courses and groups being run at the Community Action Center for Women Empowerment including fun and leisure activities; personal growth and self-development sessions and educational and accredited courses. The courses and groups available differ each term determined by funding, space, tutor availability and requirements of centre users. Course monitoring and evaluation are an invaluable source for Asha to assess centre user need.

Courses and group work sessions that have been run at Asha include: